Why Does my Computer Keep Crashing?

Posted by Info Email User on Friday, May 18, 2018

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There can be lots of reasons why your computer is crashing and none of them are good. You could have corrupted registry files, bad system files, a virus, not enough memory, overheating, or too much debris inside your computer.

Fortunately, BrainWave Computers can help repair your laptop for all these ailments. Let’s start with the four basic categories; bad system files, malicious software (viruses), limited memory, and overheating. Here is a break down of why your computer might be crashing so often.


There are several places inside your computer that store system files. One is your registry, this is the spinal cord of your operating system where all the setup and communication of your operating system happens. If this is corrupt it is the equivalent of having a spinal injury. Outside of the registry, you have other system files that can get fragmented. It is natural for files to get fragmented over time and usually, your operating system can still piece these files together. However, if a file gets too fragmented and it is a system file, your computer can start crashing.


This is a common reason why your computer may be crashing. Read our article How Do I Know If I Really Have A Virus? to check if you might have a virus. If you suspect you have a virus bring in your computer to BrainWave right away.


Memory is a tricky word when it comes to computers. There are two types of memory; long-term storage (your hard drive) and short-term storage (called RAM). Either way, your computer needs room to move data for it to do calculations. Even moving your mouse around requires memory. If you don’t have enough “empty space” to temporarily move data around, your computer may just give up and crash.


Your computer has several features to prevent it from overheating: the materials it is made of, the mount for the CPU, fans to generate airflow, and a vent to create circulation. If one of these pieces fail or if your computer gets too dusty on the inside then you run the risk of your computer crashing. There is a thermometer that tests the temperature of your computer at all times, if it gets too hot it will shut down to preserve itself.

If your computer keeps crashing, bring it into BrainWave Computers so we can properly diagnose it. Don’t forget, we also do cell phone repair. Call us at 503.626.6264 or bring your troubled computer into us today.



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