Which Components Do I Prioritize For A Gaming PC?

Posted by Info Email User on Thursday, October 19, 2017

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What is the most important component in a gaming PC? The reason most gamers ask is that they want to know where to invest the money? If you have a budget but want a killer gaming pc, you’ll want to make the smartest investment in your PC. The answer is easy, you want to focus on GPU, CPU, RAM, and an SSD drive. You can debate the priority of the last two items—some would say they are equally important. As far as GPU and CPU? That is not up for debate—GPU is your top priority when it comes to gaming.


First, you want to prioritize your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). This is the brain behind computing all those polygons that make your gaming smooth and flawless. A good GPU will reduce lag and give you a consistent experience of gameplay—keeping those frames per second at a constant. 


Next, if you don’t have a good Central Processing Unit (CPU), it could negate your GPU. At the end of the day everything goes through the CPU and if can’t keep up with your GPU it creates a bottleneck. Imagine trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose.


Finally, RAM is the area that stores needed variables and content. Once you launch a game on your gaming PC, the RAM is an active participant because the game is loaded into it. RAM is used instead of the hard drive directly because it’s faster and intended to store temporary items. Bigger and faster RAM is preferred because it improves the gaming experience and leads to faster loading times. Not only are you able to store more temporary information, but also the information can be read and written faster.


What about solid state drives? The biggest benefit of an SSD is how fast your games load up and may prevent hitching (when your game seems to pause for a second). It is also a great idea to have your operating system on an SSD. Overall, it won’t affect gameplay as much as the first three components, but you will notice an overall better performance from your PC.

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