The Shizzle: A Gen_e_us 303 Custom Gaming PC

Posted by Info Email User on Thursday, September 28, 2017

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We’ve designed this Gen_e_us 303 Series desktop for all you live twitch streamers and Destiny gamers. Dominate your foes with this Extreme Gaming Desktop! At BrainWave, we sponsor Gen_e_us and his Destiny clan KFO. We have designed this desktop especially for him! With the proper hardware, your actions are more responsive reducing any lag between the controls in your hands and the mayhem you commit onscreen. Don’t miss your chance to get one of these custom gaming desktops with YOUR OWN LOGO etched in the glass and a custom front vinyl! Only the first 50 PC’s sold (minus one for Gen_e_us himself and one for our giveaway) will be numbered sequentially and have even more custom features listed below. We never use any proprietary parts, and every part we use has been tested and trusted by us gamers, right here in our store!

“The Shizzle” is our top of the line custom built desktop loaded with the following features:

  • 7th Generation Intel Core i7-7700k OR Core i5-7600k Quad-Core Processor

  • Corsair CPU Liquid Cooler

  • 3200MHz DDR4 Memory (8GB option is only available in 3000MHz)

  • Windows 10 Home x64 optimized for speed and privacy: No junk or trial software, turn it on and go!

  • NVIDIA GeForce 10 Series Graphics

  • 2 NVME Storage: 3x faster than traditional SSD storage options

  • MSI Pro Gaming z270 Motherboard

  • In Win 303 White Edition Case

  • 750W High Efficiency Semi Modular Power Supply

  • Custom LED Rear Panel Lighting (Control the color in MSI software)

  • Custom LED Case Lighting (Control the color in MSI software)

  • Extremely Clean and Professional Wiring Job

  • Maximum Cooling Efficiency and Temperature Control

  • Insurance and additional protective packaging features included on EVERY order with our $99.00 flat-rate shipping within the continental US! Ask about international orders.

*Each unit has several custom features that are completely unique to each build. The final appearance will vary based upon options selected.

Order “The Shizzle” or Customize a Gen_e_us 303 series yourself. For more information call at 503-806-0027 today!