The Best Laptop Repair in Beaverton

Posted by Info Email User on Thursday, August 17, 2017

Brainwave_The Best Laptop Repair in Beaverton

With over 60 positive reviews for our laptop repair service, we are proud to say we are the best laptop repair service in Beaverton. Not only do we have the highest rating on Portland’s west side, we also have the most ratings.

Our customers are enthusiastic about our services and our customer service. here are the common issues we can fix.

My Computer is Slow

Over time your hot rod of a laptop starts to slow down. Eventually, it starts to run at a snail’s pace and you wonder if you can ever get it back to days when your laptop was so new it sparkled. This is a common issue among laptop owners and the cause could be multiple issues or a combination of issues. We can run a quick diagnostic and recommend how to get your laptop to run like a champ.

I have a Virus, I think.

You can’t always rely on virus removing software anymore and multiple virus removal programs on a single laptop can conflict or even cancel each other out. The first thing we do is determine if you have a virus. Sometimes, it is a simple configuration error or a required update.  We can even recommend a trusted anti-virus program that we use for our own computers.

I Dunno, My Laptop Just Stopped Working

This is common too. Maybe it doesn’t turn on, or you think it is on, but the screen is blank. Maybe it shuts off when you don’t want it too.  This is where our stellar customer service comes it. We work with you to troubleshoot your laptop issues without making you feel like you should be a techie too.

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