The Benefits Of Working With Dual Monitors

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Benefits Of Working With Dual Monitors

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Why You Should Try Dual Monitors

When you’re setting up your work-from-home space, you should consider opting for dual monitors. There is a wide range of benefits that can aid you while you work when you have dual monitors.

Enhanced Productivity

Studies have shown that working with dual monitors increases productivity anywhere from 20% to 50%. When you don’t need to switch between multiple windows and tabs as much, you can work much more quickly and efficiently.

Use Multiple Programs At Once

A lot of people have jobs that require them to use multiple programs at once. It can be hard to keep your workflow going when you have to switch back and forth between programs. However, having one opened on each screen and being able to freely move between them can make your workflow more smooth.

Monitor Multiple Social Media Platforms

Does your job involve monitoring social media accounts? Many businesses have multiple accounts across Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. It can be much easier both to monitor these social media accounts and to create content for them while using dual monitors.

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