Should You Care About the T-Mobile And Sprint Merger

Posted by Info Email User on Thursday, May 3, 2018

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The third and fourth largest wireless carriers are trying to merge. It would reduce the size of major U.S. wireless carriers down to three and would make the newly merged company, which would be called T-Mobile, the second largest carrier—although internet and cable providers are starting to enter the game as well. This is one of the reasons why T-Mobile and Sprint are arguing for regulatory approval to merge. The competition is getting stiffer. What does this mean to you if you are using T-Mobile or Sprint?

Will The Merger Save Me Money?

That’s the bottom line. Right. If you listen to the CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, “Services are going to be broadened, prices are going to go down, speeds are going to go up. The 5G capability is going to be beyond anything the United States has seen before.” This sounds like a utopia for cell phone consumers, but in Canada they only have three carriers and their costs are higher. Some say due to less competition.

Will the Merger Make My Coverage Better?

T-Mobile and Sprint are already behind Verizon and AT&T in coverage. A merger would complement both T-Mobile and Sprint. T-Mobile is strong in cities and Sprint is consistent everywhere else. When cell phone technology upgrades to 5G they will be in a good position to compete with the top two.

Will the Merger Include Both Perks Like Netflix and Hulu?

If they combined the perks with multiple lines you get Netflix for free and Sprint offers the music service Tidal for 6 months and Hulu. Calling this a merger is really a misnomer, if you look at the new structure, it looks more like T-Mobile is absorbing Sprint. Most likely Sprint consumers are going to become T-Mobile consumers regarding customer service and plans. This also means that some Sprint retail stores will close and T-Mobile retail stores will refresh.

When Is This All Happening?

The merger approval will not happen until 2019. It will take three years for Sprint to move customers into T-Mobile. And if the merger happens both T-Mobile and Sprint are promising, “Only the New T-Mobile will be uniquely able to accelerate the country’s position and quickly deploy a broad and deep nationwide 5G network.”

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