Repairing Phones as Opposed to Swapping Parts

Posted by Info Email User on Thursday, October 5, 2017

Brainwave_Computers_Repairing Phones as Opposed to Swapping PartsBRAINWAVE COMPUTERS DOES BOARD-LEVEL REPAIRS

Many phone repair shops have the capability of doing basic component-level repairs (swapping out old parts with new parts), but there is a whole other level of expertise required to actually fix the parts themselves. Sometimes you don’t need to swap out a part; you just need to repair it. This is called board-level repair and most phone repair businesses have to outsource this service. At Brainwave Computers we do this in-house and it can save you money. It is a high-level skill set that is used to:

  • Identify, treat, and repair liquid damaged devices
  • Determine proper tools and cleaning agents for treatment of liquid damage
  • Understand BGA IC chips and their function within the device
  • Replace defective IC chips to restore functionality to the device
  • Replace damaged FPC connectors in the device


If your phone has any of the symptoms below, it usually requires board-level repairs:

  • Phone automatically shuts off – Power Cycling
  • No network signal or unstable signal
  • Phone not powering on – No Power


A lot of board-level repairs require micro soldering. It is similar to regular soldering—the same way landing a rocket on the moon is similar to landing a plane in Denver. Both require training and flight time—but the scale is totally different.

Don’t take your phone to a place where they will charge you extra to send it to someone else. At Brainwave Computers, we do our own board-level repair. Save time and money. Bring your phone or device into Brainwave Computers for diagnosis and repair.

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