Professional Phone Repair At BrainWave

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

BrainWave Offers More Than Just Computer Services 

BrainWave is well known for the professional computer services we offer. Computer services, however, don’t cover all of the services we offer to our customers in Beaverton and the surrounding areas. Did you know that BrainWave also offers professional phone repair servicesIt’s true! Just bring your phone into BrainWave’s cellular service store and receive fast and professional phone repair services. 

What Kinds Of Phone Repair Can Be Done At BrainWave? 

The staff at BrainWave understands just how important phones are to our customers. After all, these days we use cellphones for more than just making calls. Smartphones are minicomputers that may carry important business information, notes, pictures of your loved ones, and more. When your phone is damaged, don’t panic. Allow the professionals at BrainWave Cellular to help. The types of damage we can repair include: 

Cracked Screens 

Are you tired of working around that annoying crack on your phone screen? Do you worry about the crack getting worse and growing? Bring your phone into BrainWave! 

Phone Won’t Charge 

As important as our phones are, they aren’t much good if they won’t hold power. Our staff is experienced at fixing charging port issues. Bring your phone in today! 

No Backlight 

Having trouble seeing because the backlight on your phone is busted? No worries! Come to BrainWaveWe’ll help! 

Apple Certified Technicians Are Available At BrainWave 

If you’ve got an apple product that needs repair, rest assured that BrainWave can help without risking your warranty. We have certified apple technicians on our staff who can safely address your repair needs. 

For Professional Phone Repair, Rely On Brainwave 

Visit Brainwave for the best in phone repair today! Brainwave strives to bring the best in service to our clients. Curious about the other services BrainWave offers? Click here to see the other computer services offered by BrainWave. Have further questions? You can call Brainwave Cellular at 503-372-5461 or visit our location at 757 SW 185th Avenue Beaverton, OR 97006.