Portland’s Most Affordable Custom Gaming PC for Christmas

Posted by Info Email User on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Brainwave_Computers_The Penny Pincher_A Gen_e_us 303 Custom Gaming PC

This is a perfect gift for Christmas and the holidays. If you want to give a fast affordable gaming PC, the same one used by professional gamers, then look no further. If you want to get a fast affordable gaming PC, send this link to your friends and family.

Do you hear that? It’s a drum roll. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, behold the fastest affordable custom gaming PC…The Penny Pincher. Dominate your foes with this Gen_e_us 303 Extreme Gaming Desktop! We sponsor Gen_e_us and his Destiny clan KFO. We designed this desktop especially for him! And if you act fast you can get one customized just for YOU!


You can even super-size it and upgrade each component. CLICK to CUSTOMIZE YOUR PC

Why buy your custom gaming PC from BrainWave?

  • 2 Year Part & Labor Warranty (more details below)
  • Very easy to upgrade any part down the road, maximize your value by using your parts longer!  We use all mainstream top quality parts that give you a longer lifespan, and most are able to be reused in future upgrades.
  • We don’t use any proprietary parts, and every part we use has been tested and trusted by us gamers, right here in our store!
  • Personalized customer support from down to earth professionals; we are here to help!   
  • Every computer is designed, assembled, tested, and shipped by gamers, for gamers from our local small business!

Questions about our 2 year parts & labor warranty?

  • We love easy, and we love our customers.  There is no 40-page document outlining every single scenario.  We make it simple.
  • If it is physically broken or damaged by you, a friend, an alien, or your dog, or anyone (or anything) else, that is NOT covered by the warranty.
  • Physically damaged includes, but not limited to: liquid damage, drop or fall damage, incorrect installation of components, lightsaber burns, and any other damage deemed as a result of outside forces.  A high quality surge protector is a MUST.   If the computer is deemed damaged by lightning, brown or black outs, or surges then we may not honor the warranty.  
  • Every warranty issue is handled on a case by case basis and there is common sense and reason involved in every decision.   If you have ANY issues please don’t hesitate to reach out for help.   Even if your computer is out of our warranty, we can usually help you with manufacturer’s warranties that can sometimes be longer. 
  • Customer is responsible for all shipping charges. 

Visit Brainwave in Beaverton or CALL 503.626.6264 TODAY!