New Research: National Retail Chains Overcharge for Laptop Repair

Posted by Info Email User on Thursday, September 13, 2018

Brainwave_Computers_New Research National Retail Chains Overcharge for Laptop Repair

During an undercover investigation in London, an organization found what Consumer Reports has been saying for over a decade. Most national chains overcharge for laptop repairs. According top the same Consumer Reports article National Chains hire techs based on their ability to sell upgrades as opposed to skillset and experience.

Most recently an undercover investigation found that the same issues persist even across the pond. Heading the investigation is a company called Which?. The question mark is a part of their name, so forgive the grammatical confusions moving forward. Which? has been championing the cause for consumers since 1957, asking probing questions of businesses and manufacturers, and pursuing the answers that put consumers in the driving seat. This is what they found.

Which? installed simple identical software faults in 18 Windows laptops that should only cost about $50 to repair. They went to major chains and several independent laptop repair shops. The goal was to determine how well they conducted repairs, how fast, and how much was charged.

Independent computer repair shops: the way to go

According to the study, “Independents were consistently the fastest, too, and in most cases, they were in constant contact with our secret shoppers, letting them know what their repair plans were and offering extra advice once the repair was complete.”

Independent shops were faster with the repairs, many of them offering repairs the same day. One large chain took 6 weeks for what should have been a simple software issue.

Some of the chains misdiagnosed the issue and quoted over $300 for the repair. The study found on average you can save about $75 dollars for repairs when you go to an independent laptop repair shop.

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