How Do I Know If I Really Have A Virus?

Posted by Info Email User on Thursday, February 22, 2018

Brainwave_Computers_How Do I Know if I Really Have a Virus 

How do you know if you have a computer virus?

There are three common symptoms you have a virus; your computer is slow, you are getting weird pop-up messages, or your computer crashes and restarts for no reason. The risk of having a virus on your computer is an unfortunate reality of having access to the internet. At Brainwave we are dedicated to making sure you and your computer are taken care of, and any damage from a virus gets fixed.

Here are 6 common symptoms that your computer may have a virus:

  1. Slower Computer: Is your computer suddenly sluggish? It could be a virus sapping your [processing resources
  2. Unexpected Computer Behavior: Is your computer doing strange things like opening and closing windows or booting applications without warning? It could be a virus running in the background
  3. Sudden Freezes & Crashes: It is common for viruses to try and reboot your computer on its own. If your computer suddenly turns off and on it could be a virus.
  4. Weird Error Messages: Is your computer telling you something is wrong all of the sudden? Do you get weird notices that don’t seem official? You could have a virus trying to trick you into going to a malicious website.
  5. Advertisements: These are like weird error messages. Sometimes just closing the advertisement window is enough to create a domino effect of virus badness.
  6. Hardware and Accessory Problems: Is your DVD drive extra loud or opening and closing on its own? Does you mouse seem to be unresponsive or extra sensitive? These could be indications you have a virus.

If you think you have a virus, come into Brainwave Computers and we can run a scan for you. We won’t do any repairs or removals until we check with you first.

Learn more about Brainwave’s Virus Removal service, or give us a call at: 503-626-6264.