High-Quality, Custom PCs For Beaverton Customers

Posted by Info Email User on Thursday, September 19, 2019

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BrainWave Provides The Best In Custom PCs For Beaverton Customers

No matter the industry, custom made items are highly valued. Being able to purchase an item that is custom made for your particular needs and preferences rather than a generic all-purpose item really makes a difference. Not only does BrainWave offer amazing custom built PCs to the people of Beaverton, but we also offer amazing deals! Don’t miss out on the amazing prices for custom PCs at BrainWave!

Why You Should Opt For A Custom Built PC

Big box retailers want you to think that they are the best choice for PCs. The truth is, though, that you get more bang for your buck with a custom built PC than with a pre-built one. Beaverton customers will find that retail store computers often come with a lot of features they don’t need. We call these unnecessary features and software bloatware. They take up precious space on your computer and inflate the price of the machine. Why would you want to pay for features that you won’t use? Opt for a custom PC in Beaverton instead!

Beaverton Customers Can Get A Custom PC To Suit Their Needs

No matter what you need out of your PC, BrainWave can help Beaverton customers build a PC that works best for them. Are you a gamer? We can provide a PC that has a fast and secure connection to prevent lag as well as provide the best graphics. Do you primarily use your computer for work? Let us know what your field is and we can help you find software that is relevant to your job. Whether for work, study, or play, Beaverton customers get the most out of their custom PC from BrainWave!

Benefits Of Getting A Custom Built PC From BrainWave

If you’re still not convinced, here are some other benefits Beaverton customers get from purchasing a custom built PC at BrainWave:

  • 2-year guarantee
  • Stronger power supplies
  • Better-than-retail motherboards
  • You choose the components
  • Flexible case design
  • Upgrade whenever you want

Best Custom PCs Available In The Beaverton Area At BrainWave Computers

When it comes to a quality custom-built PC, there’s no better choice than BrainWave Computers. Allow us to build a PC that best suits your exact needs. Have further questions? In need of computer services? Call us today at 503-626-6264 or visit our location at 8610 SW Scholls Ferry Road, Beaverton, OR 97008.

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