Gaming PCs: How Much RAM Do I Need? 

Posted by wadmin on Thursday, August 20, 2020

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How Much RAM Do I Need For A Gaming PC? 

Keep in mind that your computer’s memory is one of the easiest things to continue upgrading when you need to. That said, don’t put too much of your budget into getting high RAM for your PC. A commonly recommended baseline for RAM for gaming PCs is about 16GB. If you’re playing older games or don’t mind giving up detail and frame ratings, you can go down to just about half as much.  

A lot of the most popular games for PC recommend only up to 16GB of RAM for the best performance but can go lower as a minimum. For example, Fortnite and PUBG both have a recommended level of 16GB of RAM, but a minimum of 8GB. Doom Eternal has a recommended and minimum level of 8GB while Destiny 2 has a recommended level of 8GB and a minimum of 6GB.  

To figure out how much RAM you need, consider the game you want to play. Look up what they recommend for optimal play and what their minimum is. When you know what you need, visit BrainWave and we’ll help you get started on making the custom gaming PC you need. 

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