Do I Need to Outsource My IT and Go with a Managed Service Provider?

Posted by Info Email User on Friday, March 16, 2018

Brainwave_Computers_Do I Need to Outsource My IT and Go with a Managed Service Provider

A managed service provider is mostly an industry term, but it is basically a team you hire to provide the delivery of essential IT services. These services include making sure your computers are networked to the printer, the network itself is secure and free of viruses and your internet is working so well you don’t even notice it.

Do I Need to Outsource My IT and Go with a Managed Service Provider?

There are plenty of reasons why businesses of every size are outsourcing their IT needs. The three primary reasons a small or local business would go with a managed service provider is the savings, security, and expertise. Let’s break down each one of those benefits below.

Outsourcing your IT Services Will Save You Money

The salary of an in-house IT employee can cost up to 8 times more than outsourcing to an IT service provider, even if they are part-time you are still paying more than you need to. An in-house department also has the additional costs of training and maintaining employees. An outsourced IT company takes on those costs and investments and pass on the savings to you.

Outsourcing Your IT Services is Safer and More Secure

When you outsource your IT you are hiring someone that has to be compliant with the latest privacy and security practices. For instance, every employee at Brainwave Computers is HIPAA certified. We are trained and certified on the same privacy practices that the healthcare industry uses. We also invest in the latest and best security and monitoring software. All the monitoring of your network can be done remotely.

Outsourcing your IT Services Will Provide Up-to-date Expertise

There are three solutions to having an IT infrastructure you can rely on. (1) Spend money and invest on an IT department; (2) Hire a CIO that will spend money on an IT department; (3) Outsource your IT and save money on IT cost while getting the latest expertise. Almost every issue your internal IT department comes against will be new to them. An outside IT company will most likely have faced that issue before and have a quick solution in place.

If you want to save money and need an affordable Managed Service Provider to outsource your IT department call today at 503-626-6264.