Data Recovery, Virus Removal & Computer Repair Near Portland

Posted by Info Email User on Thursday, August 24, 2017


Portland life wouldn’t be the same without your trusty computer. From the boardroom to the break room, our computers are always there for us. Sometimes these machines get banged up, spilled on, or just get chock full of junk. It happens, no matter how cautious you try to be. Computers have many small parts that can each cause a different problem. With all our photos, documents and records on our computers, it can be extremely frustrating if yours stops working properly.

Data Recovery Near Portland

Have you lost some folders? Missing files or photos? Having a hard time accessing your hard drive because the computer says the hard drive is not there? Don’t panic! Sometimes data loss is software related or your hard drive went bad. Either way, Brainwave is your best bet to recover lost data. We have a great track record for recovering Portland’s data.

Virus Removal Near Portland

If you’re experiencing slow performance, a loud CD/DVD player, or if your computer locks up, crashes or you can’t connect to the printer, your computer may have a virus. Now, you may suspect your computer has a virus, but what kind of virus? Let the experts at Brainwave diagnose the type of virus you have and take the proper precautions to remove those viruses from your computer for good.

Computer Repair Near Portland

Maybe your computer doesn’t turn on or your computer has become too slow, at Brainwave PC we can fix all that and more. That’s what we do; we fix things and usually return your PC better than ever. We’ll let you know if it’s time to upgrade your operating system or simply install new software to get your computer running the way you need it.

If you live in the Portland area, Brainwave can get your computer up and running again! Our highly trained staff is skilled enough to diagnose and fix almost any problem you could be having. Bring your computer in and we will get you back up to speed.

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