Custom Built PC

In gaming every micro-second counts. A fast internet connection is not enough, lagging is still a risk—unless you have a custom built machine by BrainWave.

What? You are not a gamer? There are still lots of reasons to get a custom PC built. One of the best reasons is you don’t get bloatware. Bloatware is all that extra software that gets installed on your computer that you don’t want or need. Brainwave Computers will only install the essentials that you need and want.

Here are 6 other reasons you want to have a custom built PC by BrainWave Computers

  • 2-year guarantee
  • Stronger power supplies
  • Better-than-retail motherboards
  • You choose the components
  • Flexible case design
  • Upgrade whenever you want

Buying a computer from a retail store means you are often paying for things you don’t need or want. Whether you are a gamer, a game developer, or a video editor, you are going to want a custom built PC. Even if you are a Netflix watcher or a PowerPoint warrior. You are going to benefit from having a custom built PC.

Get a Custom Built PC today (503) 626-6264.