Computer Repair Near Me Portland

Posted by Info Email User on Friday, July 7, 2017


Cars are not the only machines that make strange noises when something is wrong with them. Computers have many many small parts that can each cause a different problem. Or a virus can come in and crash your whole system. Our lives are now on our computers so if yours goes down it can be extremely frustrating how much you can’t do.

If you live in Portland OR, Brainwave Computers and PC can get your computer or laptop up and running again! Brainwave offers Portland computer repair for the next time your device goes own for the count. Our highly trained staff is skilled enough to diagnose and fix almost any problem you could be having. Bring your laptop or computer in and we will get you back up to speed.

Computer Repair

We start with your symptoms. Maybe your computer doesn’t turn on, or your laptop is too slow, maybe you lost some data; at Brainwave PC we can fix all that and more. That’s what we do we fix things and usually return your PC better than ever.

We also have a host of tech support we provide. Maybe you need to upgrade your operating system, or install new software, protect against viruses. We do all that too.

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