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If you spill water or other liquid on your laptop it is not the end of the world, but it does require immediate attention by a professional. If you live in Portland we can give your computer the immediate care it needs. Residual liquid left inside your computer can cause corrosion and oxidation on the laptop or desktop components. This is a bad thing. We are experts at liquid damage repair and if you live anywhere in the Portland area, call us for help. Call Today →   In gaming every micro-second counts. A fast internet connection is not enough, lagging is still a risk—unless you have a custom built machine by Brainwave. Maybe you’re not a Portland gamer, but a developer or the next YouTube superstar. If you are a developer, video editor, or even just PowerPoint warrior we can build the best custom computer for your needs in the Portland area.
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  Should I get a refurbished computer in Portland? Buying a PC from Brainwave doesn’t mean you are skipping on features or performance. In fact, the only thing you’re skipping is the high-ticketed price. Before our computers are ready for sale in Portland we go through a checklist to make sure these would be PCs we would be happy to own ourselves. Learn More →


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