Brainwave’s Custom Super Computer Build for a Statistician

Posted by Info Email User on Thursday, January 25, 2018


Brainwave Computers is proud to have the highest rated computer and laptop repair shop in Beaverton. Our rating encourages us to continue to exceed customer satisfaction and affordable prices. While most of our custom builds are custom gaming PCs, we recently custom built a computer powerful enough for high-dimensional data. In many ways it needed to be more powerful than the custom gaming PCs we make for the pros. Challenge accepted!

After a brief consultation, we were able to build a custom PC that exceeded the needs of this high-dimensional statistician named Jack. Read Jack’s glowing review below.

I’m a statistician working in research on high-dimensional data and when the research questions became too large for my existing PC (which was also showing its age in other ways, like failing hard drives), I knew I needed an upgrade (within a reasonable but less-than-infinite budget). In the past I’ve always built my own PCs, but this time around I didn’t have the time in my busy schedule to do the exhaustive comparison shopping, or the time to sit down, put it together, and do all the testing. My first thought was a gaming system because the kind of work I do incurs massive memory demands and requires very fast processing, and after a bit of online searching I came across Brainwave. Stopping in out of the blue one night just before closing, I met the very knowledgeable Sean and communicated my needs to him. He immediately saw the kind of system I was looking for, and came through with some extremely helpful advice and suggestions for options, always staying within my budget. A couple weeks later I’m now the proud owner of a fantastic (and fantastically zippy!) new system that should serve me well in my work for years to come. It looks great and runs even better than it looks! Thanks to Sean and Mark and everyone at Brainwave for listening to my needs and delivering a great custom build — certainly better than I could’ve done myself — at an affordable price.

Jack in Portland, OR

Consider Brainwave when you need that custom PC tailored for your needs. It doesn’t have to be a supercomputer either. We do custom builds for even more modest needs like for your small business or just to watch Netflix. Call us today at 503-626-6264 or contact us online.