Affordable Custom Gaming PC in Portland & Beaverton

Posted by Info Email User on Thursday, September 7, 2017

Brainwave_Computers_Affordable Custom Gaming PC in Portland Beaverton

Let’s get right to the benefits of getting a custom gaming PC from Brainwave Computers!

  • 2-Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Very easy to upgrade any part down the road; maximize your value by using your parts longer! We use all mainstream top quality parts that give you a longer lifespan, and most are able to be reused in future upgrades.
  • We don’t use any proprietary parts, and every part we use has been tested and trusted by us gamers, right here in our store!
  • Personalized customer support from down-to-earth professionals; we are here to help!
  • Every computer is designed, assembled, tested, and shipped by gamers, for gamers from our local small business!

Customize your fan color, Graphics Card, Memory, SSD Storage, and Processor.

Check out your options below:

Fan Color: Blue, Red, Green or White

Graphics Card: GeForce 1050 TI 4GB, GeForce 1060, GeForce 10570, GeForce 1080 TI

Memory:  8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB

SSD Storage: 250GB, 500GB, 1TB

Processor: Core i5, Core i7

All the components have been built and tested by gamers. Build your custom gaming PC online today. If you live Portland or Beaverton remember Brainwave PC for your computer gaming needs. Just click the following link:

BUILD A CUSTOM GAMING PC with BrainWave Computers!