Advantages of Liquid Cooling vs Air Cooling PC

Posted by Info Email User on Thursday, December 7, 2017

Brainwave_Computers_Advantages of Liquid Cooling vs Air Cooling PC

There is a species of nematode that has only recently been discovered (2011) and it can handle extremely high temperatures. There are other critters that are just as heat resistant like the Pompeii Worm, The Sahara Desert Ant, and the king of high temperatures, the Tardigrade.

Hang in there, this is relevant to liquid cooling vs. air cooling. Check if your PC is any one of these extreme creatures. We are confident that upon further inspection you can agree that your PC is not nematode, worm, ant or tardigrade. Since this is true, you need a way to keep your PC cool. Heat is the enemy of your precious PC insides.

Traditionally, we used fans to move air around and try to route the heat from inside your PC to the outside of your PC.  Fans are inefficient, more prone to malfunctioning, and noisy enough to wake a nematode.

Here are the top three benefits to using liquid to cool your PC:


Your CPU, GPU, and Motherboard Chipset still produce heat but it is insulated inside the coolant. This means the heat doesn’t just transfer to the other parts of your PC’s insides; it is insulated inside a tube and then released outside. This protects all of the guts inside your PC that would traditionally be at risk of being compromised by heat being blown everywhere and anywhere.


Sure liquid cooling kits have fans, but they usually have fewer fans than a traditional air cooling system. This provides the added benefit of being quieter.


An air cooling system is reactive to the temperature. Once the temperature gets too hot there is a delay in the time it takes for the heat to get removed from the PC’s components. A liquid cooling system keeps a constant cool temperature throughout.

Are you looking for a custom liquid cooling system for your PC? We recommend letting the professionals do it. Call Brainwave to get a quote for installing a liquid cooling system for your PC today at 503-626-6264.