4 Tech Hacks for Vacation and Travel

Posted by Info Email User on Thursday, July 19, 2018

Brainwave_Computers_4 Tech Hacks for Vacation and Travel

Summer is the height of the travel season which means people are likely taking laptops, tablets, or phones with them on the road. Don’t let a dead battery or lack of WiFi bring your plans to a halt. Check out these four tech hacks for travelers that save the day when you’re away.


Some of the nicer hotels are including USB ports next to the bed but that is not always the case. If you don’t have your USB adapter to plug into an outlet you can still use the back of a TV. Almost all flat-screen TVs have a USB port you can use in the back. BONUS TIP: Put your phone in Airplane mode for faster charging!


Most places will have the Wi-Fi password posted inside the restaurant, bar, or coffee shop. Some of the more savvy places will post the Wi-Fi password on their Yelp or FourSquare page. This way you can determine if you want to head there in the first place. Plus, if they are posting the Wi-Fi password, then you can be sure that they welcome guests to come and stay for a bit.


If you are parking in unfamiliar parking lots, it will be harder to remember where you park. If you are renting a car it becomes a double challenge as you may forget which car you are looking for. After you park, take a selfie of you and your car from a small distance (you will need the context of the surrounding area to find your car) and you should be able to use your picture as a guide.


You don’t need to be connected to the internet to have Google Maps work. You do need to download the map for offline first. It is easy. Open the Google Maps app on your phone and you will see a blue dot with a white border where your current location is. Tap that blue dot and select “Download Offline Map.” Now you are guaranteed to have a local map of the area you are traveling in.

These hacks were chosen to help take advantage of your devices when you travel and make the most use of them. At Brainwave Computer, we know how important your personal devices are and we want to make sure we help you take care of them. We offer repair for laptops, tablets and phones.

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