4 Reasons To Go With Local Phone Repair vs Manufacturer

Posted by Info Email User on Thursday, March 8, 2018

Brainwave_Computers_4 Reasons To Go With Local Phone Repair vs Manufacturer

Choosing where and how to get your phone repaired is a heavy decision. Do you send it back to a manufacturer? Do you go with a local phone repair service? Deciding on a tattoo or a name for your first child are only slightly easier. Hopefully, we can make the decision easier for you. We can say with confidence that overall you get four benefits to going local; better repair solutions, save time, data protection and better privacy/security.

Manufacturers Get Repair Solutions from the Local Repair Shops

At first, it makes sense that the folks that built the product would have the greatest knowledge on how to repair a product, but if you think about it, the industry that does the bulk of repairs would be the experts. This is especially true for the phone repair industry. The cell phone repair industry is an organized community that shares information on how to do repairs for all makes and models. A manufacturing technician is usually a specialist that performs a single action on a single brand and a single model. Your local phone repair shop needs to know how all makes and models work and stay updated in their community with common problems and solutions for your phone.  Many phone repair solutions are discovered by local repair shops first and then implemented by the manufacturers.

Local Phone Repair Shops are Faster

Take battery replacement as an example. Apple Inc. has a backlog of six months to get your free battery replacement. We can get most of these iPhone battery replacements done the same day. Apple does have plenty of retail spaces to bring your phone to, but those also require appointments. Finally, and worse yet, sometimes manufacturers require you to mail your phone! Ack! That’s at least 4 days that you are out of commission. Unacceptable. We know that your phone is your lifeline to the world, we want to get it back to you as soon as possible. Check out our reviews (http://bit.ly/BrainwaveReviews) most repairs are done within a day—if not the same day (if you bring it in early enough).

Local Phone Repair Shops Don’t Erase Your Data

Due to certain policies. Apple requires its technicians to erase all the data from the phone before they begin to repair. This means they delete all the data, your photos, your contact info, your installed apps until it is the way you got your phone out of the box. If you have a complete backup of your system that is great. Even so, when was the last time you backed up your system? Most local phone repair shops can repair your phone without deleting your data. Even if we thought a repair would impact your data, we would determine if you need a backup and provide one for you.

We are HIPPA Certified

HIPPA certified? Isn’t that for doctors and health care services?  Primarily training and certification started in the health industry to protect the privacy of patients. The same processes and training can be applied to any business that requires the protection of a client’s privacy. We are very proud that every employee at Brainwave is HIPPA trained and certified. It is a very important distinction that allows us to protect your personal privacy and data.

Did you know we now have two phone repair locations in Beaverton? We do. Check out either of the two locations listed below.

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